Introducing new version PrimaveraReader 5.0

It is our great pleasure to introduce the new PrimaveraReader version 5.0. The new version 5.0 contains major improvements and new features designed to increase project team’s efficiency and provide more flexibility when working.

What’s new in version 5.0

Resource Usage Profile view (Histograms and S-curves)

Analyze the cost and quantity usage for roles and resources, for a single project or multiple projects. You can also see the allocation of specific roles or resources, which helps you to optimize the working hours for your team.

Progress Update:  Add/ Delete Activities

Team members can insert proposal for new activities in progress while on the field or inform the scheduler which tasks are canceled and should be removed.

Progress Update: Gantt Chart Preview

Users will be able to immediately get a preview of their activity proposals, directly in the Gantt Chart view.

Bar Customization

Users can create a view what is specific to its working team and share it with his team member by adding new bar types or removing unnecessary ones.

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