Microsoft Projectviewer available

The Project Viewer is the leading viewer for Microsoft Project (.mpp) files. It is a stand-alone desktop application, which provides all viewing, printing and filtering functionalities that are also found in MS Project. This makes the solution ideal for all read-only employees in all companies using MS Project. With this solution you can view the native .mpp file format without the need to have Microsoft Project installed on your computer.

The Project Viewer is available in 11 languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Chinese.

By allowing all project members and project executives to view, print and analyze their project plans, the Project Viewer enables them to take greater control over project completion and deliver projects successfully.

Why do you choose for Microsoft Project Viewer?

  • Support for Microsoft Project 2016.
    The Project Viewer is the first viewer to implement complete support for Microsoft Project 2016, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, providing independence from Microsoft Project or operating system versions installed.
  • Professional Graphical Reports as in Microsoft Project.
    The Project Viewer allows users to view the status of the whole project, the work completion status, resources allocation status and project and resources costs overview using the: Dashboard, Resources and Costs Reports.
  •  Integration with sharing platforms and online storages for a greater collaboration.
    The Project Viewer enables full support for Project Plans and Master Project Plans published on Microsoft Project Server so you can open, view and print your project plans and Master Project Plans published on Microsoft Project Server, so that everyone involved can have access to the updated project information.
  • Familiar Microsoft Office User Interface
    The Project Viewer is the fastest viewer that opens large and complex project plans and Master project plans that supports 100% of the views of any edition of Microsoft Project and provides additional custom project views.
  •  Unique collaboration without server installation
    The Project Viewer is the only viewer for Microsoft Project files that provides a collaborative environment for project teams, without server installation.